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The Sweetest Real Estate: Chanhassen, Minnesota


The city of Chanhassen, Minnesota is located just southwest of the Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolitan area.  Most of the city is within Carver County’s boundaries, but 154 acres of eastern Chanhassen bleed over into Hennepin County.  Legend says that Clarissa Cleaveland is responsible for coining the city’s name, borrowing the word chanhasen from the Dakota Sioux language.  Chanhasen means “the tree with the sweet sap,” or sugar maple tree.  The name Chanhassen was officially sanctioned during the first town hall meeting on May 17, 1858.


Chanhassen real estate was agriculturally-centric long before it became an urbanized city.  Its roots began with German settlers staking claims in the 1850s.  Records show that the first farm was created west of Rice Lake by Joseph Vogel in June 1852.  Two months later, another German settler, Joseph Kessler, set up a homestead four miles northwest of Vogel.  Settlers trickled more steadily into the area during 1853, but Chanhassen’s growth rate has been one of the slowest of the early Carver County settlements. 


The first mini-mall was established during the 1960s, which contained a drug store, hardware store, grocery store, and restaurant.  In 1967, the existing Chanhassen merged with another nearby village and township, which increased the population to 4,200.  Around the same time, Herb Bloomberg, a home-builder, decided that Chanhassen real estate listings would serve his ambitions well.  He moved his business into the city and established a lumber and hardware store that provided specialty wood products.  In October 1968, he constructed a 600-seat theater, which created a unique experience for its patrons.  The Chanhassen Dinner Theatres offered dinner and entertainment in one neat package.  Today, the Chanhassen Dinner Theatres draw in more than 300,000 audience members over the course of the year.


More than 22,900 citizens, spread out over 14,427 acres of land, call Chanhassen real estate home.  The landscape of the city is peppered with twelve lakes that are partially or wholly within the town borders, providing six public beaches and a variety of water-related activities.  Chanhassen places a big emphasis on parks, trails, and outdoor space, and residents and visitors have access to more than 500 acres of parks—five community parks and twenty-two neighborhood parks.  Fifty-five miles of multi-use trails snake throughout the city, connecting the parks, neighborhoods, and downtown Chanhassen


Relocating workers need look no further than Chanhassen homes for sale.  Since 1995, 3 million square feet of commercial and industrial zoning has been added to the city.  Chanhassen is home to around 550 businesses, which provide more than 9,500 people with jobs.  The major industries include high-tech manufacturing, medical products, financial services, engineering, food production, printing, and healthy living.  Its top two employers are Rosemount Inc. and Life Time Fitness. 


Out of the bountiful Minnesota real estate, Chanhassen offers some of the finest.  In 2009, Money Magazine reported that Chanhassen was the number two best place to live in America.  Family Circle placed the city in the top ten best cities to raise a family in 2007.

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