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Minnetonka Homes for Sale

Minnetonka Homes for Sale


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The Preserved Beauty of Minnetonka Real Estate


The city of Minnetonka, Minnesota is located in the on the southwestern edge of Hennepin County.  Minneapolis sits eight miles to the east of Minnetonka.  The name Minnetonka was derived from the Dakota phrase mni tanka, which means “great water.”  The area was sacred to the Ojibwa Chippewa and Dakota Sioux because the dense forest and open prairie provided a bounty game to hunt.  The “great water,” Lake Minnetonka, offered plentiful fishing.


The Treaty of Traverse des Sioux was signed in 1851, which turned the land over to the United States.  This allowed settlers to move into the area, and they created Minnetonka real estate west of Fort Snelling.  Land was claimed on Minnehaha Creek, and the first privately-owned Minnesota sawmill west of the Mississippi was constructed out of the elm, maple, oak, basswood, and red cedar that grew in the Big Woods.  The lumber that the sawmill produced was used to build the first suspension bridge across the Mississippi River.  Overtime, the area’s first permanent Minnetonka real estate listings developed around the sawmill.  They called it Minnetonka Mills, and it was the primary business and trading center until the 1870s.


A two-story sawmill was built in 1855, and a furniture company took up residence on the top floor.  Shortly after, a varnishing company was established, and the majority of their production was bedsteads and chairs.  While milling played a large role in increasing the Minnetonka homes for sale, the Minnetonka Mills sawmill could not compete with the mills in St. Anthony.  It closed after being in business for only eight years, and in its stead, a flour and gristmill was built, which was in business for more than twenty years. 


Today, Minnetonka contributes to Minnesota real estate by housing 49,734 citizens and nurturing a booming commercial industry.  The city is home to the largest privately owned company, Cargill, and the largest publically owned company, United Healthcare.  Many other companies have headquarters in Minnetonka, and the city’s proximity to the bustling commerce of the Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolitan area makes it a hotspot for employment. 


Minnetonka real estate strives to preserve the natural beauty that surrounds it.  The construction of homes is built around the Big Woods, creating a landscape for homeowners that would make anyone jealous.  Twenty-seven square miles of land and one acre of water make up the city’s landscape, which is full of gentle hills, wetlands, and winding streams.  Minnetonka’s Natural Resources division ensures that the forests, wetlands, and wildlife are protected and restored.  The Park and Trail Maintenance division maintains forty-four neighborhood parks and five community parks, as well as eighty-one miles of trails and sidewalks. 


Minnetonka is full of citizens who take great pride in their city.  There are many organizations to volunteer with, as well as opportunities to learn how to care for the area’s natural resources.  The community spirit, combined with attractive commercial and residential Minnetonka real estate listings and picturesque surroundings makes Minnetonka an amazing place to live, work, play and grow. 

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